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Upholstery Cleaning in Wybourn, Sheffield, S2

So this story start with a poor husband being nagged at by his loving wife as there 2 wonderful (id say more demonic) children have yet again destroyed your beautiful silver/blue fabric sofa that you only cleaned back in November 2019.

So by this point, we had been in lockdown for weeks and the kids had turned the sofa into a light grey looking mess, after a lot of screaming and shouting at me I decided to get the machine out and spend a couple of hours giving the sofa a deep clean.

We asked the children to play up stairs while we cleaned our sofology sofa, i was surprised the stayed up stairs an hour if i’m honest. The Chemical of choice was chemspecs fast drying upholstery shampoo within a hour the sofas were looking as good as new and ready for speed dring, this is where it gets a lot harder as the kids came back down stairs and loved playing with the air movers.

Once they were fully dried I applied some Nano Protect from world of clean to ensure they stay cleaner than the previous 6 months. I’m so glad I did cause within 2 hours the youngest decided it would be a good idea to wipe her hands down the upholstery with chocolate cake all over them.

When your cleaning upholstery and want to say HI.

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