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Upholstery Cleaning In Cudworth, Barnsley

Amazing sofa cleaning results on this microfibre suite

So this time I’m going to be talking about the cord chenille recliner sofas that I cleaned in Cudworth, Barnsley. The sofas were a cream and black leatherette mix with two large seating areas making up the 3 seater sofa.

With the sofas being a used by all the family especially the young children who had drawn on it in Felt tip, Biro and spilt Food on the sofa I decided to go for a high pH pre-spray in pure force power force. Normally I would go with a lesser pH like pure force bullet or fast drying shampoo from chemspec. As usual this was combined with Alltec acid rinse and Alltec Linen Fresh odour clear fragrance.

I started by vacuuming all of the sofa (sides, back, arms, seats, back cushions) after vacuuming I removed all of the cushions that could be removed and pre-sprayed the sofa in sections using a pump up sprayer. This was then agitated in using my drill brush and Ryobi drill, the areas that were a bit more grubby received a second spray and agitated again.

The extraction was fast and simple 90 psi pressure and my hand tool made quick work of the sofa. Once one full side had been finished I then placed my air movers on the fully reclined seat to speed up drying. This process was repeated on all 4 sections of the sofa.

Finally I replaced and re-zipped all the cushions back to there original position, drained down my Ashby Enforcer, packed away all my equipment and informed the Client that the Upholstery cleaning was completed. Jessica loved how clean the sofas came up and also loved how fresh they smelt with the Linen fragrance. So with that I was payed and left one very happy customer with a fabulously clean sofa.

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