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New Sofa Clean in Goldthorpe, Barnsley

Called to clean a 3 seater upholstered sofa that was bought off Facebook.

I was woken by a client who had purchased a 3 seater sofa off Facebook, the Lady said that the sofa was meant to be only one month old, but was not pleased with the smell or cleanliness of the sofa upon delivery.

When I arrived I examined and chose the chemical to use to clean the upholstery. I opted for Chemspec fast drying upholstery shampoo, I followed my usual process for upholstery cleaning first all the sofa is vacuumed to remove the dry soils and dirt that accumulate in the fibres and creveases of the sofa.

Once vacuumed i misted the diluted upholstery shampoo on to the sofa then i proceeded to agitate the shampoo using a drill brush (I used a drill brush as it increases the amount of agitation compared to a usual brush). i then left to chemical to dwell and the extracted at 100psi to prvevnt ove wetting.

Once extracted the sofa was then pile reset and quick dried using my air movers. The lady was amazed that the sofa was completely dry and ready to use as I was leaving.

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