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Carpet Cleaning In Nether Edge, Sheffield

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Carpet cleaning in Sheffield

This was the first time our online booking app had been used to book in a client. Which me made really happy as I have spent a lot of hours trying to find a simple to use form for easy online bookings.

Right on to the clean it was a large house in the nether edge region of Sheffield. I needed to use 75ft of hose to reach the top floor of this property for the bedrooms the client wanted cleaning. One was a 80/20 wool mix with general dirt as well as coffee and cola stains on the floor, the second was a wool Berber with just general traffic stains.

With both carpets being wool I needed to use a lower pH product (pH 9 at most) or one the is ph neutral, this would limit the chances of damaging the natural fibres of the wool. I chose to use Purefore Presto this has a pH of 9.5 but is wool safe, I added to the tank some Alltec acid rinse and fix and some Alltec springtime odour clear fragrance.

With everything ready I proceeded as usual first vacuuming both rooms, spraying my pre mixed presto pre-spray this was agitated in with my oreck XL before respraying the more heavier stained areas. Then it was on to extraction at 200psi up 3 flights of stairs it came up really well the client was happy and I also got to use my new receipt business card complete with a qr code to leave a review on our Google business page


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