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Carpet Cleaning in Birdwell, Barnsley

Carpet steam cleaning with FREE sanitization against Sars-Cov-2

birdwell, barnsley carpet cleaning

We received a message threw our Facebook page asking if we covered the Barnsley area and would we be able to fit in a clean during this difficult lockdown period.

The carpet was a nice cream wool mix which ran through the entire downstairs including the 3 rooms which I was cleaning (Lounge, Dining room and Hallway). I started off by hoovering the entire section using my Sebo BS36.

Then after is the area was sprayed with Pureforce power force even do this is a high ph product its great on greasy areas with protein build-ups like restaurants or dining areas and with the hallway connecting the kitchen and dining areas in this property this is why I decided on a light covering with this great product.

As always the Pureforce was scrubbed in using our Oreck XL then extracted with 150psi and a acid rinse from Alltec to rebalance the natural ph of the wool.

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